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The water quality is second to none an the easy change filter cartridges will alow a lifetime of pure drinking water. It worked well for 9 months then stopped working, contacted customer services. Although i was a little skeptical when I first ordered it, I was amazed at the difference the system makes. Great kit, the tap feels like a really nice quality one. My wife had a requirement for a source of pure water and she selected this product as what she felt would do the job. Works as a charm and no water hardness is at a minimum and no lime scale.

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An Amazon search listed the Water2Buy system at a very competitive price. Hair is softer, a lot less mess on the shower glass to clean off, and glassware gets spotlessly clean in the dishwasher now. I them teed off a non-softened section with a bib cock for drinking water, garden watering, car washing, etc. It is a must buy for any family that wants pure water from tap. In the great scheme of things this is all small potatoes when the machine does all that it says on the tin, and more. It’s now full of grey soap scum, which keeps getting onto our clothes. It was very easy to install and I was up and running within Mins.

fy pool day

Installation was relatively simple, although due to the plumbing arrangement day.hsp my kitchen my preferred location I chose to fit it close to where the water supply entered my property in the garage. But do get a hardness testing kit and play with the settings for minimum salt usage over a few weeks.


Guide pour installation compréhensible. On the basis of ease of installation i can recommend thi product.

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Amazing quality for the price. It requires really a mm unit to fit with easiness so your hands daay.bsp get around it. Since the softener has been installed, all of our skin irritations have gone. Très bon produit pour l’instant très satisfait nous verrons dans le temps montage facile quand on a le matériel adéquat.

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My wife had a requirement for a source of pure water and she selected this product as what she poil would do the job. I got a plumber ppool install the unit which cost me pounds. Within minutes of ft on the say.bsp, the water hardness from the cold tap had reduced from ppm to 0ppm according to the water test kit I bought from Screwfix.

I ordered this for the tap only as I day.bep the design and it was at a good price. This product is excellent and easy to setup. Comme il faut trouver un daj.bsp, l’appareil day.gsp bruyant lors de la régénération de la résine.

Very pleased pook this purchase. I had the plumber to install the product. Easy to install and a nice looking product. I rate it 5 out of 5 and would recommend it to my friends. Ask for rubber lubricate silicons that normally day.hsp not come in the package and causes water coming out of filter houses.

fy pool day.bsp

Day.bzp satisfait de mon achat. I started to plan the installation. I would recommend the metered version rather than the timed version although the timed version is cheaper as they day.bso much less salt as they only regenerate when needed not every day. The scaling is much lower than before and I top up salt every month.


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Le montage est bien décrit dans la notice. Firstly, the communications was excellent. This a water filtering system that we bought for our office. Easy to change the filters. Le produit semble être robuste et la programmation est assez simple.

fy pool day.bsp

Great product and amazing price! Whizz off a query to them in an e-mail and you will get back a pretty quick and helpful reply. Connection to water supply is inadequate, gave up with this and had to buy a connector. It is a replacement for a 20yo unit so installation was very simple. The debris on it when I took day.bsl out was disgusting. I bought this a year ago, it has worked perfectly and uses very little fg.

I really love the taste of my xay.bsp and my coffee, it doesn’t change the eay.bsp of the drink but bring out even better taste.

Uses much less salt than my previous timer softener.